Color of the Week Series- WHITE

Color of the Week Series- WHITE

Here are the activities J and I did for WHITE week in our Color of the Week Series for Toddlers.  We had a blast!
We ate WHITE food such as yogurt, banana, yogurt covered pretzels, cauliflower, potatoes, milk, bread, and tortillas.
(Other WHITE food ideas: Pirate’s Booty, egg whites, mushrooms, marshmallows, cottage cheese, rice, rice cakes)

We with a white bean sensory bin. [more]

5 Things That Make Being a Mom Really Hard

5 Things That Make Being a Mom Really Hard

Being a mom is the BEST job in the world, but it can also be really, really tough at times.  And I know I don’t even have a full grasp on how hard being a mom can be since my little guy is only 18 months old.  I am assuming that when you throw a few more kids into the [more]

Color of the Week- Let's Do This!

Color of the Week- Let's Do This!

Hopefully, I won’t be regretting this later, but I have decided that J and I will be starting a “Color of the Week” series next week.  Lord willing, we’ll be spending 2 weeks on each color because I can’t realistically do several color activities and blog about it all in one week. [more]

Homeschooling Adventures- Fractions with Pattern Blocks

Homeschooling Adventures- Fractions with Pattern Blocks

Fractions with Pattern Blocks
I found this resource for FREE on Teachers Pay Teachers (best site EVER).  It is an awesome activity to reinforce knowledge of fractions and 2D shapes while pushing the brain to think critically and creatively.  I love it!


Here is an example of a problem from the activity:


“If the yellow hexagon equals one whole, what fraction does a [more]

Thanksgiving Sensory Bin!

Thanksgiving Sensory Bin!

Thanksgiving Sensory Bin

Materials Needed:
– I used corn kernels (could use colored rice)
– Items to play with (I used feathers and some small, real gourds I picked up at Walmart)
– A “smelly” item (I used a fall scented candle.  You could also let them smell some Fall spices.)
– Pouring and scooping items (J used the lids from the corn kernels (they [more]

Toddler Idea- Sticker Book!

Toddler Idea- Sticker Book!

This is a cheap and easy way to keep your little one entertained for several minutes- a Toddler Sticker Book!

Materials Needed:
Construction paper
Because of my toddler’s age (17 months), I prepared the sticker book for him by folding the construction paper in half and loosely adding a few stickers.  I loosely added them because I wanted him to be able to [more]

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Foods That Start with the Letter…

Here is a list of foods that start with each letter of the alphabet!

A to Z List of Food

This is a helpful list if you are studying a particular letter and want to go ALL OUT!  U, X, Y, and Z were a little hard, but I persevered!  Lol.


A-   apples, applesauce, animal crackers, avocado, asparagus, apple pie, artichokes, alfalfa sprouts, almonds, american cheese, angel food cake, alphabet soup, angel hair pasta, apple jacks cereal, acorn squash


B-    Bananas, banana bread, bread and butter, biscuits, broccoli, bears (teddy grahams), blueberries, blackberries, blue jello, beans, beets, brussel sprouts, butternut squash, bok choy, bran, beef, brownies, bacon, buttermilk, buns, burritos

C-    crackers, cookies, carrots, cucumber slices, cantalope, coconut, cabbage, cake, candy, cashews, catfish, cauliflower, cobbler, coke, cod, corn, cranberries, crepe, croutons,  (also cheese, chips, cheetos, chicken, cherries, chocolate, and cheerios for “ch”)

D-   deviled eggs, doughnuts, Debbie cakes, dreamsicles, drumsticks (ice cream or turkey or chicken), Doritos, devilsfood cake

E-    eggs, enchiladas, edamame, elbow macaroni, english muffin


F-    fritos, French fries, fish sticks, fruit roll-up, fried food, fudge, French toast, fig newtons, fruit salad, fajitas, fruit loops cereal, fettuccine

G-    grapes, granola, graham crackers, green jello, green vegetables, green yogurt, goldfish, gingerbread, garlic bread, gum, gravy, grits

H-   honeydew melon, honey nut cheerios, hot food, ham, hot dog, hamburger, hash browns, Hershey bar, hoagie, honey, hot peppers, hummus, Happy Meal

I-     ice, icing, ice cream, ice pops, Italian food, iced doughnut, Indian food

J-     jello, juice, jalepenos, jam, jawbreakers, jelly, jellybeans, jumbo shrimp, jolly ranchers


K-   kiwi, kix, kettle corn, Special K bar or cereal, Klondike bar, kabob, kale, key lime pie, kettle corn, kosher pickles, kung pao chicken, kit kats,

L-    lemonade, lasagne, left over’s, lucky Charms, Life Cereal, lettuce, lentils, lima beans, lobster, lollipop, limes, lemons, leeks,

M-  melon, marshmallows, milky way, m&ms, macaroni, mango, mashed potato, melon, rolls, meatloaf, mandarins, mustard, ministrone, marshmallows, muffins, marmalade, mashed potatoes, mushrooms, mints, macadamia nuts, mayonnaise, maple syrup, masala, meatballs, mozzerella, milk, meat, Mexican food

N-   nuts, nachos, nectarines, noodles, nuggets, naan, Nequik, Nestle chocolate, nectarines, nachos, nutella, Nerds, nuggets, navy beans, Nutterbutters,

O-   oranges, oatmeal cookies, oyster crackers, oatmeal, onions, okra, olives, onion rings, omelette, orzo, Oreos, olive oil,


P-    pears, pineapple, popcorn, pretzels, pasta, pita bread, pickles, pumpkin pie, pears, peaches, peach cobbler, potatoes, potato chips, peanut butter, pralines, pizza, peanuts, pie, pudding, pork, punch, pastry, pancakes, pistachios, plums, pound cake, pop tarts, Panini, pimento, peppermint, papaya, peas, prune, pomegrantes, pepperoni, purple food (grapes, jelly, etc), parfait, parmesean

Q-   quaker oats, queso, quesadillas, quinoa, quiche

R-    rice, radish, ribs, roast, rack of lamb, red beans, relish, rubarb, raisens, raspberries, ravioli, rigatoni, romaine lettuce, rice crispie treats, rye bread, red pepper, red onion, rosemary bread, ranch, red potatoes, ragu

S-     swedish fish, sugar snap peas, saltine crackers, strawberries, syrup, sausage, sauerkraut, soup, steak, shrimp, scallops, stew, spinach, sourdough bread, sushi, spaghetti, salami, string beans, sweet potatoes, sandwiches, salsa, squash, salt, stroganoff

T-   toast, tomatoes, tomato sauce, turkey, teddy grahams, tamales, tofu, tacos, tuna, tater tots, talapia, tangerines, tortillas, teriyaki, tortellini, truffle, tea, toffee, tartar sauce, trout, tapioca, turnips, taquitos, twix, tiramasu


U-   upside down cake, ugli (it’s a fruit), uncooked food, unleavened bread

V-    vegetables, Valencia oranges, vanilla wafers, V8 juice, vanilla flavored food such as pudding, yogurt, or ice cream, venison, veal, vinegar, vegetable soup, Vienna sausageveggie burger

W-  water, watermelon, watercress, wheat bread, wings, waffles, walnuts, wafers, wontons, wasabi, wild rice, whipped cream

X-   xmas cake or cookies

Y-   yellow food, yams, yellow squash, yogurt, yolk, yucca


Z-    zucchini, zucchini bread, zebra cakes, animal crackers who live at the Zoo, ziti, zest

You can download a cute PDF of the food below!  It is a helpful page to keep on the fridge when doing a letter of the week!  

ABC foods PDF document to download


Do you have any foods that I should add?  Please comment below!